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What topics can LWVPA act on? What are positions?

The League of Women Voters can advocate for or against legislation and governmental action on any subject on which have previously conducted a thorough, in-depth study and reached consensus. That consensus is called a "position."

Every League of Women Voters position, at all LWV levels, falls under one of three categories: Government, Social Policy, or Natural Resources.

Locally, LWV Palo Alto has seven positions under Government, five under Social Policy, and seven under Natural Resources. Each has a brief name (a single word or short phrase) plus one or more "support statements." For each category, the names and support statements can be listed on one page. To see our Positions in Brief, go to our BASIC LEAGUE POSITIONS page and click on

But there is far more to a position than the name and "support statement(s)." Each position includes a set of "objectives"--important aspects of the position's topic that LWV has determined through study must be taken into consideration when determining if action is warranted.

There is a list of our local Positions in Brief, with an example of one position in its fuller format, at LWVPA positions in brief, with example full position.

What are our current priorities?

The Program adopted at the May 2017 LWVPA Annual Meeting includes the following:

  • Review of the current LWVPA Education Position to determine if an update to this position is needed.

  • Issues for Emphasis:

    1. Advocacy and education on: climate change (Palo Alto's Sustainability/Climate Action Plan or S/CAP), housing/transportation/transit, local immigration (due process and sanctuary city), local campaign finance, constitutional rights

    2. Education on: civic involvement, civic discourse, civic savvy (Fact v. Fiction), constitutional rights

    3. Activities to reach out to the homeless, other underserved populations and organizations that work with new citizens, regarding: voter registration, get out the vote, civic education

2017-2018 LWVPA Recommended Program