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Board of Directors

President - Bonnie Packer

1st Vice President, Fundraising - Mary Alice Thornton

2nd Vice President, Communications/Webmaster - Ellen Forbes

Secretary - Karen Kalinsky

Treasurer - Steve Levy

Advocacy - Lisa Ratner

Voter Services - Jean Lythcott

Membership - Megan Swezey Fogarty & Lynne Russell

VOTER Editor - Sue Hermsen

Program/Events - Maureen O'Kicki

Publicity - Tory Bers

Voter Registration, Health Care - Liza Taft

Off-Board Directors

Action Tree - Nancy Olson

Community Outreach - Diane Rolfe

Housing and Transportation - Jeff Rensch

Education PreK-12 - Sigrid Pinsky & Diane Rolfe

Speakers' Bureau/Pros & Cons - Mary Jo Levy

Facebook & Twitter Administrators - Paige Costello & Tory Bers

LAT computer support - Karen Pauls

Nominating Committee - Mila Zelkha, Chair, Lynn Drake, Ellen Springer, Lynne Russell


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